Service Times

Sabbath School: 10am - 11:15am

The Bible Study is a dynamic service, where you'll get fresh and in-depth Biblical insight, and are welcome to participate in a lively discussion. Please have a look at for the list of upcoming topics.


Divine Service: 11:13am - 1pm

The Divine Service starts at 11:15am. Each Sabbath you can worship the Lord with us, and hear a new, life changing message from our pastoral team and guest preachers.


Fellowship Lunch: 1.30pm - 3:15pm

We will often offer a fellowship lunch after the morning service. Food is always delicious. All members and visitors are welcome to stay and fellowship with us.


Afternoon Program: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Join us in the afternoon for a lively program, although the topic of study can vary from week to week, you can usually expect a song service; quiz and topical bible study to round off the Sabbath worshipping together.



The Team


Originally from Canada, Jerry Smith has served as Pastor of the Riverway church since 2012. He also pastors our sister church Chatham.


Phone: 07766 880517




Elders serve by preaching, teaching, taking Sabbath School and visiting members of the church family, assisting the Pastor in these roles. Some of our elders include:

Head Elder:

Ben Bruneau


Sam Thompson

Ashley Bloom


Deacons & Deaconesses

The Deacons and Deaconesses are responsible for several duties; including ushering, serving at baptisms, baby dedications and communion services, collecting offerings and physical labour associated with the church.