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Riverway’s 21st Anniversary Service

Riverway Seventh-Day Adventist Church was officially dedicated on the 26th September 1998. 21 years later Riverway held a service to commemorate how God has consistently led the church, with contributions from many friends and members - past and present, and a sermon from Pastor Patrick Boyle.

‘At The Appointed Time’ - Claris Lombart

God's timing is always perfect...Br. Claris Lombart shares a powerful message examining how God's purposes know no haste, and no delay.

‘What Time Is It?’ - Pastor Nerine Barrett

Pastor Nerine Barrett presents a challenging message, encouraging us to consider how we are spending our time, and what we really prioritise, based on Psalm 90.

‘Abide’ - Elder Ivy

Elder Ivy Williams brings a challenging message on Jesus' injunction to abide in him.

‘I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me’ - Elder Ben Bruneau

Elder Ben Bruneau shares some thoughts around this inspiring statement of scripture - 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthen's me.'

‘A Captivity Mindset’ - Ashley Bloom

Sometimes the pull of our past can hinder us in our Christian walk. Ashley Bloom explores this idea through the experience of the Israelites in the wilderness

‘What Do You Want Me to Do?’ - Nigel Nicholls

Nigel Nicholls shares a powerful message marking Riverway's Disability Awareness Day, on the story of Jesus and Blind Bartimaeus

‘Late in the Midnight Hour’ - Costa Vaggas

Costa Vaggas shares some amazing insights into what it means to praise God in the darkest circumstances

‘Any Thoughts on That?’ - Pastor Jerry Smith

How often do you think about what you're thinking about?...Pastor Jerry Smith explores how influential our thoughts are in determining our actions, and our characters for Riverway's communion service.

‘Faith’s Battle Song’ - Dr Daniel Bruneau

Daniel Bruneau explores some inspiring biblical accounts of times when God has fought for his people and how we can have faith in him to bring us victory today

The Hardest Place to Be a Christian - Ashley Bloom

Ashley Bloom examines an often neglected topic; what the Bible says about being a light in our workplace

When You Can't Keep Quiet - Pastor Jerry Smith

Pastor Jerry Smith takes us through scriptural examples of when, despite doubts and fears, we have no choice, but to stand up, and act.

‘The Perfume of His Life’ - Pastor Jerry Smith

For our communion service Pastor jerry Smith shares a message about catching God's scent, and letting it rub off on us

‘Influencing Babylon’ - Pastor Paul King-Brown

Pastor Paul King-Brown shares a very relevant message on how the church can most effectively influence the community around us - taking inspiration from the book of Daniel.

‘I Am not A Bookmark’ - Olivia Toumazos-Smith

Olivia Smith shares A powerful message on not allowing ourselves to be limited, and boldly accepting the plans that God has in store for us.

‘Preparing to Stand’ - Sam Thompson

Elder Sam Thompson shares a powerful message about what is needed for us to stand.

‘Untie the Donkey’ - Pilira Zapita

Pilira Zapita shares a powerful testimony, about her spiritual journey as students from Newbold College hosted this week's service at Riverway

‘We’re All in This Together’ - Trevor Johnson

Elder Trevor Johnson shares a timely message on the importance of Unity in the Body of Christ, and the role that literature evangelism can play in the life of the Church

‘The Fear of the Lord’ - Ashley Bloom

We often hear about the 'Fear of God', but what does it really mean? In this message, Ashley Bloom explores the relationship between fear, sin, and the love of God.

‘Are You With Me?’ - Pastor Jerry Smith

Pastor Jerry Smith shares thoughts on what it means to be with Christ, for Riverway's Communion Service

‘The Unseen Agencies’ - Daniel Bruneau

Daniel Bruneau explores the topic of the angelic forces of Heaven, working on our behalf

Riverway’s Carol Service 2018

Join Riverway for the 2018 Carol Service - A collection of musical items, readings and a message from Pastor Jerry Smith celebrating the Birth of Christ.

‘A Place Prepared for Us’ - Ashley Bloom

Ashley Bloom delivers the final message in Riverway's 'Last Day Events' series - A joyful exploration of Heaven and the New Earth

‘The Great Controversy Settled’ - Pastor Jerry Smith

The fourth sermon in our 'Last Day Events' series looks at the often misunderstood subject, of the Millennium and the eradication of Sin, and righteous judgement of the saints.

‘Do You Desire Heaven?’ - Dr Daniel Bruneau

Daniel Bruneau shares powerful message about the Second Coming of Christ to continue our 'Last Day Events' Series

'Who Can Abide the Day of His Coming?' - Pastor Jerry Smith

Pastor Jerry Smith continues our 'Last Day Events' series with an in-depth look at the prophecies recorded in Revelation 1-11, and what they mean for us as Christians today

‘Signs of the Times’ - Dr Daniel Bruneau

Dr Daniel Bruneau Begins Riverway's five-part series on last day events, with a message focussing on the signs of the times from Matthew 24.

Lineage AYS Service

Lineage is a groundbreaking documentary series which charts the journey of the Christian church from it’s origins, through the reformation, to the present day. Some of the team behind the series share some insights into creating Lineage, and spiritual lessons that we can draw from our rich history.

Days of Elijah pt.3 ‘Faith to Finish’ - Ashley Bloom

We conclude our Elijah series with a message from Ashley Bloom, exploring how to respond when our faith is challenged by disappointment; the aftermath of the Showdown on Mt Carmel, and Elijah's flight from Jezebel.

Days of Elijah pt.2 ‘Faith in the Midst of a Broken World’ - Pastor Jerry Smith

Pastor Jerry Smith continues our 'Days of Elijah' series by exploring the theme of faith in the midst of a broken world. We focus on the epic showdown on Mount Carmel, from 1 Kings Chapter 18

Days of Elijah pt.1 ‘Our Daily Bread’ - Ashley Bloom

Ashley Bloom Opens the 'Days of Elijah' series with a message on living by faith.

‘In the Beginning God’ - Dr Amos Burke

Amos Burke shares a powerful message on God and our origins

'God of the Living' - Jody Bloom

Jody Bloom examines the topic of revival, through the Biblical Book of Ezekiel

'Our Father Who Art in Heaven' - Pastor Jerry Smith

Pastor Jerry Smith explores the meaning of 'God as our father' through this well known passage of scripture

'Who Can Find Her?' - Tamara Muroiwa

Who is the Proverbs 31 woman? Tamara Muroiwa shares a powerful message on the prophetic implications of this well-known passage.

'Heavenly Rejoicing' - Ashley Bloom

Ashley Bloom shares a message on the love of God seen through the parable of the Prodigal Son

'The Last Chance' Christina Thomas

Christina Thomas shares some valuable lessons from the story of Lot's wife.

'I See Dead People' Pastor Jerry Smith

What happens after death? Pastor Jerry Smith presents a message covering the Biblical doctrine of the state of the dead

'The Blind Seer' - Jody Bloom

Jody Bloom shares a powerful message from the Book of Numbers, on the story of Balaam

'Angry Like God? Angry Like Jonah' - Pastor Jerry Smith

Pastor Jerry Smith shares the final sermon of Riverway's three-part series on Jonah.

'True Religion' - Ashley Bloom

Elder Ashley Bloom examines Christian service  for our Riverway's Global Youth Day Programme

'Revelation & Inspiration' - Professor Radisa Antic

As part of our series examining the prophetic gift, professor Radisa Antic leads a study on the Biblical meaning of 'Inspiration.'

'Forgiven' - Ashley Bloom

Ashley Bloom shares a message on God's incredible forgiveness, seen through the story of David for our 2013 Youth Day